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9 November, 2023. ELECTRICITY TARIFFS IN A LOW CARBON WORLD. Summary of some tariff ideas. 155.

1 November. 2023. WHAT ARE THE REAL ISSUES WITH LIFESTYLE AND CLIMATE POLICY? What are the real issues and choices for a sustainable future, and what are just spurious claims in the culture wars? 154

2 October, 2023.  DISINFORMATION ON NET ZERO. COINCIDENCE OR CONSPIRACY? Think tank Civitas gets its numbers wrong by factor of a million, due to failure to grasp the most basic principles of physics. 153

24 September, 2023. ROYAL SOCIETY REPORT HIGHLIGHTS LARGE SCALE ENERGY STORAGE AS A KEY ISSUE. Author's presentation at launch of Royal Society report on energy storage. 152

21 September 2023. THE TRUE COST OF DELAYED ACTION ON EMISSIONS AND CLIMATE. Comment on UK government volte face on net zero. 151

20 November, 2022. REPARATIONS AND CLEAN DEVELOPMENT. Attempts to put COP27 agreements on loss and damage in perspective. 150

20 November 2023. HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT: THE RISE OF STATE COORDINATION AND THE DECLINE OF RELIANCE ON MARKETS. Summarises key points from paper co-authored with Jose Maria Valenzuela. 149

Reviews the CEBR cost benefit analysis commissioned by lobbying group. 148

Friday 23 September 2022.  “WORST MACRO-ECONOMIC POLICIES OF ANY MAJOR COUNTRY IN A LONG TIME”.  Pretty poor on the energy policy front too. And levelling up is no longer even on the agenda. 147

Friday, 12 August, 2022. BLUFFERS’ GUIDE TO COST OF CAPITAL. Presentation to Oxford Martin School seminar on cost of capital. Explores basics of the subject and identifies significant fallacies and misunderstandings. 145

12 June 2022. ELECTRICITY, STORAGE, RENEWABLES AND NUCLEAR. First serious analysis of storage issue. 144

2 November, 2021. HOPES AND FEARS FOR COP 26. 142

21 October, 2021. TWO CHEERS FOR UK GOVERNMENT’S NET ZERO STRATEGY. Better than expected but a lot to be done. 141


Tuesday, September 21, 2021. ENERGY CRISIS? MARKET FAILURE, INCOMPETENT GOVERNMENT, COVID, OR JUST ANOTHER MANIFESTATION OF BREXIT. About the combined crises in gas supply, transport, supply chains and food deliveries. 139


Demolishes nonsensical claim, that EVs will bankrupt UK plc, by so-called All Party Parliamentary Group for Fair Fuel. Shows they overestimate by very large multiple, due to crass errors of arithmetic and failure to understand basic physics and engineering realities. 138

Sunday, 23 May, 2021. CRYPTOS THREATEN SUSTAINABILITY. BITCOIN AS AN EASY TARGET FOR COP26?  Describes the major climate issues posed by crypto-currencies dependent on high electricity use, especially in coal based power systems. 137

Tuesday, 20 April, 2021. STAKEHOLDER DECISION-MAKING: UNDERSTANDING SIERRA LEONE'S ENERGY SECTOR. New paper published from OU study on this subject. 136

Tuesday, 20 April 2021. THE IPAT EQUATION AND THE KAYA IDENTITY. A CONVENIENT MEASURE FOR UNDERSTANDING CLIMATE ISSUES? The Kaya identity is a simple numerical device for assigning causality under some conditions.135

Monday, 12 April, 2021.

THE AFFORDABILITY OF A UK ZERO CARBON TARGET. Comparing some costs and macro-economy statistics. 134


Saturday, February 20, 2021. TEXAS POWER CRISIS. MARKET OR REGULATORY FAILURES? Causes of Texas power crisis, and putting a value on reliability.132

Thursday, 4 February. ELECTRIC VEHICLES FOR AFRICA  Making the case. 131

Monday, 1 February, 2021. ENDING RELIANCE ON THE MARKET ALONE TO DELIVER FOR THE POWER SECTOR. Movement away from market fundamentalism and back to intervention and planning? 130

Saturday, 30 January, 2021. ASTRAZENECA AND THE VACCINE CONTRACT. VON DER LEYEN’S INEXCUSABLE BLUNDER . The EU/AstraZeneca contract. Analysis of contract. 129

Monday, 11 January, 2021. GLOBAL BRITAIN. IS COP 26 THE GREAT OPPORTUNITY? UK role in COP 26. Hamstrung by past ideologies and break with EU. 128

Wednesday, 6 January, 2021. THE ELECTRIC CAR EXPERIENCE .  Observations of a new owner. 127


Tuesday, 16 June, 2020. STATUES, THE IMPERSONAL TRENDS OF HISTORY, AND CHAOS. Individuals versus impersonal trends in history. Climate change? 126


Friday, 12 June, 2020. ECONOMIC GROWTH AND THE PARABLE OF THE TWO ECONOMISTS. Milton and Maynard debate economic growth and what GDP measures. 125


Sunday 31 May 2020.  CORONAVIRUS STATISTICS AND NATIONAL COMPARISONS IN THE PANDEMIC . A few statistical comparisons. 124


Monday 11 May, 2020. SAVING THE PLANET DOES NOT NECESSARILY COST THE EARTH . Refutes Fake News claim by commentator from American Economic Institute. 123

28 April 28, 2020. CULTURE WARS, COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS, RISK AVERSION AND INTER-GENERATIONAL JUSTICE. Cost benefit struggles with the big issues, but it does help to expose the questions. The economy versus public health poses a false dichotomy. The real debates should be about inequality. And in terms of inter-generational divides, climate change is a much more relevant matter. 122

12 April, 2020. GLOBAL THREATS AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY  Much of the logic of public goods and market failure will be common to most of the greatest issues facing humanity, but nowhere more than in health and the global environment. And knowledge is a crucial resource. 121
And the Ubiquitous Nature of Market Failure. 120

26 March, 2020. CORONAVIRUS. A THREAT NOT RECOGNISED. SOME LESSONS FOR THE POLITICS OF CLIMATE CHANGE.  The same political fault lines are emerging. “The cure is worse than the disease” refrain echoes the revisionist climate sceptic arguments. The virus disproportionately attacks the old, but climate change should be of most concern to the young. And until it happened very few of us rated pandemics or disease as a major threat. 119

30 January, 2020. CARBON EMISSIONS AND TRADE WITH CHINA. Should we be doing more to limit our trade with China, if we are serious about having a global effect on emissions rather than concentrating on purely domestic issues? 118

29 January 2020. CLIMATE ACTION AND CO2 REDUCTION. CAN INDIVIDUAL CHOICES MAKE A DIFFERENCE?  Or is it just a case of making us feel like we're doing something to help? 117
25 January, 2020. PERSONAL CARBON FOOTPRINT .  What is the single biggest thing an individual can do to reduce their carbon footprint? 116

15 January 2020 DEATH OF WASHINGTON CONSENSUS. Includes review of recent ESMAP paper on power reform experience. 115

7 January 2020. PUBLIC TRANSPORT. HOW MUCH OF A SOLUTION DOES IT PROVIDE TO CUTTING CARBON EMISSIONS? Public transport important in its own right but not a silver bullet. 113

2 January 2020. CRUISE SHIPS GET A BAD PRESS ON ENVIRONMENT. Similar to aviation and similar issues on absence of fuel taxes. 112

31 December 2019. THINKING OF A CLIMATE FRIENDLY HOLIDAY. BUS, TRAIN, CAR OR PLANE? Personal travel choices and their carbon footprint.111

29 November 2019. A CLIMATE FOCUSED ELECTION IN THE UK ? Not really but reflects Brexit divisions in terms of history. 110.


16 November, 2019. FRACKING WAS NEVER A SENSIBLE CHOICE FOR THE UK.  Search for the macro-economic pot of gold was always misguided. 108

11 November, 2019.  FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND POLICIES IN POORER COUNTRIES MAKES SENSE FOR EVERYONE. THE CASE OF FIREWOOD, CHARCOAL AND DEFORESTATION. The case for development aid to substitute renewable electricity for charcoal cooking. 107

4 November, 2019. A BREXIT ELECTION OR A CLIMATE CHANGE ELECTION? THE BATTLE LINES ARE THE SAME. Connections of Brexit to climate science denial. 106

31 July 2019. CHAOS AND CLIMATE. Explaining the nature of chaos theory and how to understand its significance in relation to climate science. 105

25 May 2019. LABOUR TO RENATIONALISE NATIONAL GRID? WE NEED BETTER ARGUMENTS AND MORE COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTIONS.  There is a good case for more central direction and control for the power sector but many of  Labour’s proposals are either muddled or counter-productive. 104

7 May 2019. DECLARING A CLIMATE EMERGENCY IS FINE. BUT WHAT SHOULD THE ACTION AND POLICY PRIORITIES BE?  The UK Parliament has responded to a recent raising of awareness on climate change by declaring a climate emergency.  … but it leaves a lot of questions unanswered, not least on how to select priorities for effective policies. 103

Friday, May 3, 2019. TIME TO DEMOLISH SCEPTICISM OVER CLIMATE SCIENCE.   Arguments and untruths common in “scepticism” on climate science. 102

23 April, 2019. CLIMATE CRISIS. TRUSTING THE SCIENCE HAS NEVER BEEN MORE IMPORTANT.  Disposing of some fallacies in relation to the philosophy of science. 101

10 April, 2019. THE THEORY OF THE SECOND BEST. SOME INCONVENIENT TRUTHS. The impact of a major market failure, to price carbon,

About the Green Paradox. 

21 March, 2019.  CLIMATE CHANGE. CREATION OF THE “PERFECT STORM”. WE WERE WARNED. Ten years on from warning, worst ever cyclone arrives.

19 March, 2019.  AN ECONOMICS AND ENVIRONMENTAL CASE FOR TRAVEL CONCESSIONS TO PENSIONERS. And how subsidies, even if to the not so poor, can make a small contribution to saving the planet.  

March 8, 2019. THE GREAT IDEOLOGICAL DIVIDE OVER ORGANISATION OF THE POWER SECTOR WILL CONTINUE. What if anything does the European experience tell us? 

February 28, 2019. A GRAPHIC ILLUSTRATION OF CLIMATE CHANGE.  Animation showing 118 years of data on temperature anomalies. 

February 25, 2019. SERIOUS US RECOGNITION OF CLIMATE CHANGE RESPONSIBILITIES. BUT IDEOLOGICAL DIFFERENCES NEED TO BE PUT ASIDE. A more urgent approach to climate issues is stirring again among US politicians and opinion formers. Markets won't work on their own, and we also need both effective action on infrastructure and focused regulation.

February 19, 2019. CAN COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS GRASP THE CLIMATE CHANGE NETTLE?  And can we justify ambitious targets?  

January 27, 2019. HITACHI PROPOSES NATIONALISATION OF NUCLEAR. HAS PRIVATISATION PROVED COMPATIBLE WITH LOW CARBON POLICIES? The Hitachi withdrawal and implications for state commitment to large projects. 

January 19, 2019.  BREXIT, HITACHI AND CLIMATE CHANGE. SERIOUS LESSONS TO BE LEARNED. Reflects on the troubled future of the proposed nuclear plant at Wylfa, and connections with Brexit. 

December 28, 2018. CARBON FEE AND DIVIDEND. AN IDEA WHOSE TIME IS COMING. Making a carbon tax more palatable. 

December 6, 2018. ENERGY STORAGE. FINDING THE SILVER BULLET.  A problem not yet solved. 

September 21, 2018. CLIMATE SCIENCE. RESIDUAL UNCERTAINTIES THAT DO NOT CHANGE THE UNDERLYING MESSAGE.  Understanding Time Lags Important for Climate Policies. 

September 17, 2018. SMART METERS. PRIVACY ISSUES OR A VITAL TOOL FOR OUR FUTURE? Undue concerns with a minor issue? 

A low cost of capital but a high cost of inadequate investment. Why, when interest rates are so low and there is a global glut of capital, are there not much higher levels of investment in infrastructure? 

No! We had that long ago. It’s just that we are now starting to see the impacts “play out in real time”. 

July 21, 2018. TRUMP, TRADE WARS AND CLIMATE POLICIES. An opportunity to introduce a rational and positive element to retaliatory measures. 

July 16, 2018. THE ROLE OF TARIFFS IN A LOW CARBON FUTURE.  Redefining how we take our electricity supplies. The complexities of allocating fixed costs. And the need to recognise environmental costs through carbon pricing. 

January 3, 2018. THE COMING MINI ICE AGE. NOT QUITE FAKE BUT NOT QUITE TRUE EITHER! A flurry of headlines on climate science, including Sky News , the Mirror, the Sun, illustrate the difficulties of reporting serious science and the temptations of sensational headlines. The fake news sits in the exaggerated headlines, and in this instance there is an important kernel of real fact which, if the solar activity projections are correct, may be relevant both to expectations about climate and potentially to climate policy. 

28 June 2017. NEGATIVE NET CARBON. DIRECT EXTRACTION OF CO2.  IS IT A GAME CHANGER?  New claim to be able to sequester carbon directly. A serious geo-engineering option.

25 June 2017. EXISTENTIAL THREATS FROM CLIMATE CHANGE. A possible tipping point for the Greenland Ice Sheet.

19 June 2017. PLENTY OF POLITICAL DRAMA IN THE UK AND THE US. Brief review. Monty Python meets House of Cards.

28 May 2017. TRUMP, MORE NONSENSE ON CLIMATE, AND THE ARGUMENTS MOVE ON. Trumpism on climate, and the excessive caution of science.

7 May 2017. SHOCK. HORROR. THIS IS A GOVERNMENT THAT DOES NOT BELIEVE IN FREE MARKETS.  Confirmation of Tory move away from liberalised market fundamentalism.

6 May 2017. ELECTION IRONIES. WHERE WILL EU ISSUES PLAY INTO UK CLIMATE POLICY?  Time to put a positive spin on the most probable outcome and consider the issues that may arise for UK climate policy. This posting overtaken by the surprise result on 8 June, but the message still applies.

10 April 2017. ANOTHER CLASH BETWEEN EU COMPETITION LAW AND SENSIBLE ENERGY POLICY. Brussels accuses Germany over support for more capacity in power. 69

30 March 2017. OVERTURNING OBAMA LEGACY ON CLIMATE. OR IS TRUMP UNLIKELY TO TRUMP PARIS? End of the Road for Fossil Dinosaurs and the Anti-Science Brigade. 68

27 March 2017. HEAT NETWORKS AND NEW INDUSTRIAL STRATEGIES. Recent IPPR report and some of the issues. 67

21 March. ENERGY COMPANIES. VILLAINS OR VICTIMS IN THE PRICE CAP DEBATE. Abusing market power and loyal consumers, or trying to recover losses in the generation business. 66

14 March. DEEPMIND ALGORITHMS TO MANAGE THE GRID COULD BE JUST THE START OF A CONSUMER FOCUSED REVOLUTION IN THE POWER SECTOR. Addresses implications of new models for consumer offering in low carbon power sectors. 65

8 March 2017. HOUSE OF LORDS DOWNPLAYS CLIMATE ISSUES AND THE BIGGEST MARKET FAILURE OF ALL. [3 of 3]  Discusses proposal to postpone emissions reduction. 64

7 March 2017 TWO CHEERS FOR HOUSE OF LORDS ON MARKET FAILURE [2 of 3].     Addresses security/capacity issues and Energy Commission. 63

6 March 2017. HOUSE OF LORDS GETS IT PARTLY RIGHT ON UK ENERGY PRICES BUT FAILS ON MARKET FAILURE [ 1 of 3]  Committee Report – discusses aspects concerned with UK power prices. 62


18 February 2017. ARCTIC ICE CLIMATE CRISIS AND PLANETARY SCALE ENGINEERING. Geo-engineering proposal to increase Arctic ice cover. 60

15 February 2017. CARBON WEALTH FUNDS TO SAVE THE PLANET. Picks up Adam Whitmore’s proposal on this subject. 59

10 February 2017. EU EMISSIONS TRADING SCHEME AND EUROPE’S CLIMATE POLICY. A FLAGSHIP FLOUNDERING. Picks up Sandbag analysis and comments on dysfunctional nature of ETS. 58

7 February 2017. MORE THOUGHTS ON NETWORK CHARGING ISSUES. Conflicting objectives. 57

9 January 2017.  NETWORK CHARGING IN THE POWER SECTOR. CONTRAST WITH MOBILE TELEPHONY. Initial thoughts on network charging issues. 56.
 8 December 2016.  BRIBERY, CORRUPTION AND BLACKOUTS  Another aspect of governance.

1 December 2016.   FUTURE FOR THE NATIONAL GRID. THREE HEADLINES SAY IT ALL. Security issues argue against breaking up the grid.

Not the time to cut US climate research budgets.


25 November 2016. TRUMP, COAL, AND CLIMATE. AN OPENING FOR CARBON CAPTURE?  Is CCS and its infrastructure an option worth exploring for the rust belt?

12 November 2016.  THE PHONEY DEBATE OVER ENERGY PRICES AND INDUSTRIAL COMPETITIVENESS. A UNIVERSAL POLITICAL DISEASE.  Picks up on the debate about energy prices and industrial competitiveness, with a comment on USA and Germany parallels and contrasts.

10 November 2016. FLAWED MARKETS, RISKS OF SUPPLY FAILURE, AND IDEOLOGY.  Issues of price spikes, zero marginal cost and reversion to central purchasing.

2 November 2016.  CLIMATE CHANGE AND THE US PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN. THE DOG THAT REFUSES TO BARK. Why no discussion in the campaign on this issue?

25 October 2016. HOUSE OF LORDS CONSIDERS MARKET FAILURES IN THE ENERGY  SECTOR.  Market failure and its implications for energy and climate policy.

14 October 2016. A POST GEOGRAPHY TRADING WORLD? REALLY? AND SURELY NOT FOR THE ENERGY  SECTOR. Climate issues, and energy trends, may push us to a more geography conscious world.

26 September 2016. A LOW CARBON FUTURE. MAKING IT HAPPEN.  The ETI publishes industry perspectives on how to deliver efficient networks for a low carbon future energy system.

27 July 2016. HINCKLEY-POINT-DILEMMAS-FOR-TWO GOVERNMENTS.  Reprise on background issues surrounding the Hinkley Point decision. 34

26 July 2016. BATTERY CHOICE FOR POWER SYSTEMS. BENEFITS OF DIVERSITY.   How much does Faraday efficiency matter for batteries in power systems? A question of research priorities. 33

18 July 2016. LEAVING THE EU ABOLITION OF DECC. A MAJOR CONCERN FOR CLIMATE POLICY?   Comment arguing that putting energy with industrial strategy may have some benefits, and does not need to imply lowering of climate policy priorities.

14 July 2016. REACTION TO NEW UK GOVERNMENT. LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.  First reaction to new post referendum government. 32

7July 2016. LOW CARBON NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE. NOT SUFFICIENT ARGUMENTS FOR BREAKING UP NATIONAL GRID.   Discussion of Select Committee recommendations for breaking up of National Grid. 31

5 July 2016. ENERGY MARKETS INVESTIGATION.  Comment on CMA investigation into energy retail supply markets. 30

1 July 2016. BREXIT LAWSON SCIENCE AND CLIMATE. IS THERE A THREAT TO PARIS? Suggests the momentum for climate policy may now be too strong, and is likely to be reinforced in trade discussions. 29

26 June 2016. WHO ARE THE BIGGEST LOSERS FROM THE UK REFERENDUM?  A provocative comment goes viral. 28

26 June 2016. POST BREXIT WE CAN GET BACK TO SOME OF THE OTHER BIG CHALLENGES FOR THE ENERGY SECTOR.  Comment on policy uncertainty and lack of investment, a major current concern of energy professionals. 27

20 June 2016.  RAMBLINGS. A QUESTION. Is the Leave campaign suggesting the UK abandon the Basel 3 regulations for bank solvency? 25

19 June 2016. BREXIT RAMBLINGS 24


11 June 2016.  ENERGY POLICY, TRADE AND IMMIGRATION. CLIMATE RELATED ARGUMENTS FOR REMAINING IN THE EU. The wider case for the EU in terms of effective climate policies, and links to trade and migration. 22

9 June 2016. FLAWS IN EU CLIMATE POLICY BUT NO ENVIRONMENTAL CASE FOR A BREXIT. Issues with the EU ETS, but emphasising the wider significance of the EU in global climate policy. 21

8 June 2016. THE IMPORTANCE OF CARBON PRICING. Short general statement of why we need to internalise the long term costs of GHG and carbon emissions. 20

24 May 2016. EUROPEAN ENERGY AND COMPETITION POLICY. AN OBSESSION WITH MARKET STRUCTURES THAT DO NOT WORK. Brussels is in an intellectual mess over energy markets, competition, and conflicting objectives.  19

23 May 2016. MORE ON INNOVATION. VITAL BUT EXTREMELY CHALLENGING. Picks up on the earlier points and develops some additional points. 18

11 May 2016. SAVING THE PLANET. RELYING ON INNOVATION IS NOT ENOUGH.  Bill Gates believes a clean energy technological breakthrough will resolve our concerns over climate. We need it, but more besides.  17

7 May 2016. ELECTRIC VEHICLES. KEY TO THE FUTURE. AND FRIDAY NIGHT IN NORWAY. Some  interesting practical problems EVs may pose for power networks. 16

4 May 2016.  UK AND EUROPE. IMPLICATIONS FOR THE PARIS AGREEMENT ON CLIMATE  What would be the legal effect of a Brexit on an international agreement? 15

3 May 2016.  ENERGY STORAGE. CENTRAL TO THE LOW CARBON REVOLUTION. Role of energy storage; innovation in battery design; role of markets. 14

30 April 2016. THE LONDON CONGESTION CHARGE. LESSONS TO BE LEARNED.  Comment on success of the congestion charge and on mistakes, including the exemption of “green” vehicles. 13

28 April  2016. EIGHT ECONOMISTS. BREXIT AND CLIMATE. Eight economists argue for Brexit. Surprising correlation with attitudes to climate policy. 12

27 April 2016. REGULATION OF VEHICLE EFFICIENCY IN THE US.The story of regulations to improve US vehicle efficiency 1975-2005.

24 April 2016. THE EU REFERENDUM AND ENERGY POLICY. A LIGHT BULB MOMENT. Liz Hurley’s EU vote to be determined by loss of favourite light bulb. 11

22 April 2016. PARIS CLIMATE AGREEMENT. COP 21 SETS AN AGENDA.“Aim for temperatures well below 2oC above pre-industrial levels. Get to rapid reductions from peak as soon as possible. Try to lower risk with a 1.5oC. limit.” 10

20 April 2016. WOOD BURNING GENERATION AT DRAX.  A GREEN SUBSIDY? Not a bad deal as it turns out.  9


13 April 2016. QUESTIONS FOR NATIONAL CLIMATE POLIC5IES POST PARIS. Welcoming the COP 21 deal but huge questions ahead. 7

10 April 2016. CARBON EMISSIONS. IS THE ECONOMICS LOSING CONTACT WITH THE PHYSICS? Cumulative carbon should imply higher prices now. 6

9 April 2016. TIME FOR A REALITY CHECK ON UK ENERGY PRICES. Not down to Brussels. Why are UK prices so high? How much does it matter for industry? 5

7 April 2016. CLIMATE MILESTONES POINT TO A TROUBLED FUTURE FOR OIL AND GAS INVESTMENT x  Climate concerns start to reach investors. 4

2 April 2016. NEED TO LIMIT CLIMATE CHANGE SHOULD MAKE A CASE FOR UK STEEL There is a climate case for UK steel, at least for now. 3

28 March 2016. CLIMATE CHANGE AND POLITICAL STEREOTYPES  Ideological leanings and demographics may play a strong role in determining views on both climate issues and Europe. 2

.March 17 2016. RECORD TEMPERATURES END HOPES OF "PAUSE" IN GLOBAL WARMING Record temperatures in February 2016. 1

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